Hot Stone Massage

The aim of hot stone therapy is to open up the energy channels in the body, eliminate tension in the muscles, remove toxins from the body and promote deep relaxation. 


Hot stone massage therapy combines the benefits of thermotherapy (heat therapy) with massage techniques, to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment. The treatment involves placing smooth warm basalt stones along pressure points on the body and using them as tools for massage, promoting deep relaxation, opening up energy channels, and triggering the natural healing process. Cold stones (cryotherapy) can also be used in conjunction with the hot stones, creating a dramatic movement of fluids within the body, helping with conditions involving congestion; sinusitis, dark eye circles, inflammation and tissue trauma. The iron content in the basalt stones retains the heat and this has a calming and soothing effect on the skin and muscles. The pressure from the stones, applied to the muscles helps promote circulation and relieves congestion between the joints and tissues, enhancing the effects of a deep tissue massage and promoting deeper relaxation and a sense of calm. 


How it can benefit you

Hot stone therapy can be enjoyed simply for relaxation or can be used to reduce the effects of certain health problems including muscular aches and pains, back pain, stress, anxiety, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia, M.S, circulatory problems. The benefits include increasing blood flow, release of muscle tension, releasing toxins, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing energy.


About the Treatment

At the first treatment you will have a full consultation about your health and lifestyle to allow me to provide you with the best possible treatment plan and to ensure that Hot Stone Massage is the appropriate treatment for you. All information given will remain confidential.  Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first treatment to include time for the consultation.  


For an extremely relaxing treatment, why not try including Reiki?

70 minute Aromatherapy Full Body and Head Massage £70
90 minute Aromatherapy Full Body Massage and Reiki £85



Please note a fee will be charged for missed appointments and for appointments cancelled at less than 24 hours notice.


"I've had something similar to Hot Stones some time ago, which was very pleasant. On one of my Aromatherapy appointments with Helen, we switched to Hot Stones and combined it with ice cold stones. The effect was immediate and dramatic. The most amazing sense of energy that lasted for days. A real wake up call if you're feeling a bit sluggish!" C.W - East Sussex


"Helen is an amazing therapist who makes you feel calm and relaxed from the very first time you meet her. The treatment I have had is the hot stone with reiki and afterwards you feel so relaxed having had all the tension released. It is an amazing experience and one that I can highly recommend." N.T. Brenchley