Reflexology is a safe, natural, holistic therapy based on the principle that all organs, glands and structures in the body have a corresponding reflex point on the feet and hands. The Reflexologist stimulates these reflex points by applying pressure using the thumb and fingers, causing a response to occur in the corresponding area of the body.  


Imbalances in the body may be felt as areas of tenderness during the treatment. This can indicate blockages or congestion to the vital energy pathways that run through our bodies, preventing it from functioning effectively. By triggering a relaxation response and opening up energy pathways, Reflexology revitalises and supplies the body with energy on all levels allowing the body's natural healing ability to function efficiently. It can be a deeply relaxing, healing experience which becomes more established with further treatments.


How it can benefit you

Reflexology creates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, helping to support a variety of conditions.  Reflexology is particularly effective in relieving symptoms caused by stress by aiding sleep, improving mood, reducing anxiety and relieving tension. It can improve digestion, ease pain, boost the immune system, get over colds and bacterial infections and correct hormone imbalances. Reflexology works well in conjunction with conventional medicine and is increasingly used within the NHS in hospitals, hospices and through GP referral. It can be particularly relaxing and beneficial during cancer treatment, with permission from the Oncologist in charge of your treatment.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology can be particularly effective in boosting fertility. Working directly on the endocrine system and related structures within the body, a series of treatments can correct hormonal imbalances, clear energy blocks and stimulate fertility.

After the first trimester of pregnancy, Reflexology can help balance hormones, and relax the mother and in the third trimester, having weekly reflexology can help reduce labour time by boosting the body's production of oxytocin from the pituatory gland,  and after 40 weeks, can help stimulate labour for overdue babies.

About the Treatment

At your first treatment you will have a full consultation about your health and lifestyle to allow me to provide you with the best possible treatment plan and  ensure that Reflexology is the appropriate treatment for you. All information given will remain confidential. A treatment lasts approximately one hour but allow an additional 20 minutes for your first treatment to include consultation time. I will discuss a plan of care at your first visit but would recommend that you have at least three treatments initially, a week  between each. You may need 3 or 4 treatments before you notice  change, although you should feel . As Reflexology improves general wellbeing, many people prefer treatment on a regular basis to maintain optimum health.


Reflexology takes place with the client sitting on a couch, slightly reclined and supported by pillows for comfort. It is a deeply relaxing treatment and many people fall asleep. You are only required to remove socks and shoes and it is advisable to wear comfortable loose clothing.  


For an extremely relaxing treatment, why not try including Reiki?

60 minute Reflexology treatment £50
90 minute Reflexology & Reiki Treatment £72


Please note a fee will be charged for missed appointments and for appointments cancelled at less than 24 hours notice.