The following are comments from Nightingale Holistic Health clients: 

"I have been having reflexology and massage with Helen regularly over the years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. So professional, and the setting is calming and just lifts your spirits. I would highly recommend any treatments. I guarantee you will want to return. Helen's technique is the best and I always leave feeling like I have spent a few hours with a friend - she lifts my inner soul. Thanks Helen, you're the best." K Kelly

"Hi Helen, I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am to have met you, I honestly feel that our time together on Saturday has changed me in so many ways! I came to you with an open heart and mind but could never have imagined how powerful those 2 hours would be. For the first time in a very long time things feel clearer and brighter, I now feel excited for my future rather than nervous and muddled. I couldn't seem to find a positive way to reflect on the past 5 years, but everything you said to me about our life journey has resonated within me, and I feel as though I can finally start to move forward and leave so much of that worry behind me. I am going to focus on using my life experiences to guide me forwards rather than hold me back. 

I will never forget my first ever spiritual awakening, and I am so happy that I experienced it with you." C.R.


Hi Helen, I just wanted to email you to thank you for what was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.  I cannot begin to tell you just how much spending time with you yesterday has helped me. I have woken up this morning feeling like I am walking on air. I feel very clear with my thoughts around current situations I have going on with work and I generally feel like I could take on the world.  Thank you so much again for a wonderful experience." H Hayes - 


"I first went to see Helen as a recommendation through a customer who comes to my work.  I had been in excessive pain for while, I went to see her for what thought would be a simple back and neck massage.  Oh my goodness how I was wrong, I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed from the moment I walked through the door. Helen sat me down and asked me questions not just about my general health but my personal life, I felt I was getting a free counselling session as well as massage.  It was relaxed and easy, Helen is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very content. I had a back and massage and Reiki which I had never heard of or had done before I had spoken to Helen. It was amazing afterwards, I felt like I was having an out of this world experience - I wasn't a great believer of alternative medicine BUT I am NOW!!!!  Good value for money and a masseuse who isn't just a masseuse but calm and therapeutic herself. All in all an experience I go back for all the time. Thank you Helen."  R. Nguyen - Sevenoaks


"I can honestly say the quality of my life has completed transformed since seeing Helen. I had been suffering with crippling IBS and still in the process of grieving after losing my father when I first contacted Helen in desperation a few weeks ago. The transformation I have experienced has been miraculous - my tummy is now completely fine and "normal" - I couldn't even remember what "normal" felt like prior to my first treatment. And whilst I still have a way to go with my grieving, I am now handling it very differently and feeling like me again. I feel completely at peace in Helen's presence and am incredibly grateful for the changes I've seen in me - thank you!" G.L. Tonbridge


"Helen has been absolutely brilliant with treating the minor ailments I've had. She helped ease my shingles symptoms with reflexology and reiki. Her reflexology is extremely accurate and often identifies things before I am aware of them. Helen is always on hand even between sessions to answer questions. A truly fantastic service which I would, and have, recommended to others." Corinne Bidborough.


"I have suffered from back and hip pain for many years and no amount of physio or other interventions has helped.  This is turn has left me feeling very low spirited with a lack of energy.    Helen has been giving me a combination of reflexology, massage and Reiki and the difference has been amazing.   Almost instantly I started to feel less tired and had a lot more energy.   The numbness in my legs has almost gone and I am experiencing longer periods with no back pain than I have ever before.   From the moment you enter Helen’s consulting room you feel relaxed and totally at ease with her."    Thank you Helen."   N.H - Orpington


"I have had various treatments with Helen over quite a period of time now. Aromatherapy, which makes such a difference to my life, and then there's Reiki. I have no idea what goes on, you just feel warmth, but afterwards there are so many changes to both mind and body. They all, just totally enhance your life."  A.J - Tunbridge Wells


"After a traumatic accident which left me with severe back pain, sleep deprivation and psychological difficulties I contacted Helen in the hope that she might be able to help me.  Never previously being exposed to holistic treatments I was nervous and a little sceptical. More so because I had endured over a year of more traditional treatments with very limited success and my trust in all things remotely medical had been severely tested.  Thankfully I found the courage to contact Helen. Within minutes of meeting Helen I knew I had made an excellent choice of therapist. Helen listened intently whilst I described the issues I faced. It was a relief to find someone with compassion, empathy and honesty. Helen made no false promises and made certain I was fully informed of any potential ups and downs that I might experience as a result of treatment. Thankfully Helen has a repertoire of wonderful self help suggestions that made all the difference. Having trusted Helen with my care and having acted on her advice I am now making a spectacular recovery. 

Helen has given me back my life and I will always be grateful for that."   Mr G -  Pembury


"I started coming to see Helen for Reflexology treatments for infertility problems, since then I have had a massage and several Reiki sessions. I had never had Reflexology before and wasn't sure what to expect but all the treatments were fantastic, very relaxing and Helen has always made me feel very comfortable. I will now not go anywhere else for treatments!

Helen is a wonderfully warm person and has a great passion for helping people." S.S Tonbridge


"I have been seeing Helen for ongoing aggravating symptoms. With Reflexology and Reiki, she has helped me deal with these symptoms while they are being investigated. Helen is amazing. She is not only knowledgeable about her therapies, but also has a very warm, calming manner. I look forward to my treatments with Helen and feel much better afterwards. I recommend Helen to everyone!"  N.S. Tunbridge Wells 


"Because of intense suffering as a child and later as an adult I wanted off of this planet.  Only I did not contemplate suicide, something very quick and brutal, but I did slowly and gradually reduce the world around me.  I became allergic to numerous foods, air conditioning and electro-magnetic fields emitted from computers, wifi and mobile phones etc.

In desperation, I made an appointment with Helen and over the course of 13 months I have travelled a path with Helen who made it possible for me to unravel the thoughts and emotions behind the huge barriers I had built.  It was me who developed the intolerance to this world and as soon as realised this, my healing began.

With loving words, insightful understanding and healing reiki Helen has helped me sweep away the negative and the painful and empowered me to find the true me.  And I quite like the true me and the true me, quite likes feeling alive and well.  Thank you Helen for all and everything that I now am." JB  


"I first met Helen when she started her own practice. Having had a very long term back problem, I decided to go on a fortnightly basis for treatment. I have probably tried and enjoyed nearly all her treatments over the 7 years, but have found her Wellbeing treatment pefect for me. Its always extremely relaxing and enjoyable, but its only recently when I couldn't see her for a month that I realised just how much it had been doing for me. I could hardly walk by the third week, but after my appointment a week later I couldn't believe the difference it made and I was back to getting about again. Very many thanks Helen, where would I be without you." Clare - Tunbridge Wells 


" I love seeing Helen! Not only is she incredibly good at her job, she genuinely cares about your life and wellbeing and you come out from her heavenly treatment room feeling uplifted, happy and extremely relaxed. I have experienced, Reiki, Reflexology, and aromatherapy massage and loved every treatment and would recommend Helen to everyone!"  K.W Tunbridge Wells 


"With all the stresses of todays busy lifestyles it nice to have some me time. Having tried massage and Reiki i can honestly say it's nice to switch off, relax and re charge my batteries. Not only is the therapy room calming and peacful but Helen has the light touch and enhances a most relaxing atmosphere". M.F. Tunbridge Wells


"Would really recommend Helen and reflexology.  During my pregnancy I was a week and a half overdue, so I visited Helen for reflexology to try and bring on labour.  Helen spent a lot of time with me and I felt really relaxed after the reflexology.  I went into labour 3 hours later and have a lovely baby girl - Thank you Helen!" K.B. Tonbridge


"Time is precious and any time spent at Nightingale Health is worth every second.  I think I have tried every treatment and they are all just wonderful.  Helen has an amazing knack of knowing exactly what is best for you.   YOU really need to treat yourself to a treatment at Nightingale Cottage - you will feel a whole lot better for it.”  MS - Hildenborough


"A drive down a narrow country lane to find Nightingale Cottage. I wandered through the garden gate into what is a hidden ‘haven’ tucked into the woods. I was greeted by Helen's friendly smile and warm welcome. The treatment room was very clean, calm and relaxing. After a very thorough and professional consultation (which I felt ended up as a counselling session...) my treatment began...

Having had a traumatic stressful time before I arrived I wondered how I would feel after my treatment, does it do what it says it does...? Yes, I was totally relaxed, calm, the tension back of my neck and shoulders had eased away, it was also a real treat. 

Helen was most professional and together with her nursing background, very caring and knowledgeable on medical terms. I can highly recommend Helen and everything that goes with Nightingale Holistic Health..., a true find, a haven of self indulgence, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, that 'feel good' factor, a perfect treat....You will not want to leave...

I always like to give a gift with a difference, and have given gift vouchers to many friends.

Thank you Helen for making a difference." S.W - Sevenoaks


"Helen is extremely caring and I come away with a feeling of complete well being - all tension disappears and I feel completely relaxed."  P.J - Sevenoaks


Re: Aromatherapy "Quite apart from the beautiful surroundings and the comfort and tranquillity of the treatment room, Helen pays so much attention to detail, even the minor things that just come out in chatting. It is quite amazing just how much of an effect different well chosen oils can make.

I feel a new person!" M - Tunbridge Wells


"A friend told me years ago, how the main thing that had helped them after a bad car accident was Aromatherapy. Unfortunately I took no notice. Having tried many therapies, I started Aromatherapy with Helen a year ago, and still can't believe the difference it has made. Not just to a specific problem but also general well-being and energy levels. Helen works to your specific needs, and the whole experience is wonderful."   C.W - Ticehurst


"Helen truly cares about your general wellbeing and will always suggest the best treatment or give any other tips she can to help. The cottage is in a lovely, relaxing setting and you are always greeted with a smile!"   S.W - Tudeley


"Thank you so much for the Reflexology and Reiki. I just wanted to let you know - today I woke up really early,  before my alarm and feel so awake and energetic and for the first time in months - without a headache. This is really amazing, I haven't woken up and felt this good in so long!"   L.I - Bromley


"Simply, the best, most relaxing massage I've ever had!"   J.D - Tonbridge


"I just wanted to send a thank you to you for my massage yesterday. I truly have not had such an effective and enjoyable massage before and as I said at the time I really did feel like a new person afterwards!" G.B - Paddock Wood


"Helen's friendly welcome together with her care and dedication to the range of treatments offered in this beautiful and comfortable setting is both beneficial and healing."     S.C - Tunbridge Wells


"Helen cares and listens to you and you immediately feel better and her hands do the rest."  P.J - Bethersden



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